what is an example of a mollusk

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a mollusk is an invertebrate which means it has no backbone they are literally spineless they are soft bodied For example,when oysters (a mollusc). The Scaphopoda are a distinctive group of molluscs commonly known as the "tusk shells" because their shells are conical and slightly curved to the dorsal side, making).

There are an estimated 200,000 species of mollusk worldwide accounting for nearly a quarter of all marine life. Snails and slugs are common examples of gastropods. Mollusca is one of the most diverse groups of animals on the planet, with at least 50,000 living species (and more likely around 200,000). For example, the fauna

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Example of molluscs pets.answers.com. characteristics of mollusks. mollusks are soft-bodied invertebrates with bilateral symmetry and usually one or two shells. their organs are in a fluid-filled cavity;, the groups of mollusks and facts learn with flashcards, games, and more вђ” for free.).

what is an example of a mollusk

What Is The Smartest Mollusk Inbum.Net. recent examples on the web. some types of octopuses, mollusks and crustaceans have clear blood that turns blue in the presence of oxygen. вђ” jason daley,, molluscs (or mollusks) are an important phylum of invertebrate animals. most of them are marine. for example, the heart and nephridia ("kidneys")).

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what is an example of a mollusk

An example is the monoplacophora, A List of Mollusks. Sciencing. Retrieved from https://sciencing.com/list-mollusks-8700474.html . Michelle, Meg. Taxonomic Patterns of Cave Mollusks. For example, clams in the family Unionidae are extremely diverse in the southeastern United States,