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How to customise navigation menus way of customising the navigation menus of django CMS node appears in the navigation menu. In another example,. Django Tutorial Part 5: Creating our home page. Languages. The following code snippet is a sample base template from a 'django.template.backends.django).

Customising navigation menus — django cms 3.1.3 documentation

example for show_sub_menu template tag does not work. overviewⶠdjango cms is a modern web publishing platform built with django, the web application framework ␜for perfectionists with deadlines␝., seeversion 0.9for older django / django cms versions support django cms installer documentation, creates a sample database ␢).

django cms menu template example

Django Suit Modern theme for Django admin interface. the provided directory is scanned and all templates in it are loaded as templates for django cms. template loaded and in django cms. example: in menus. type, menu. about me; @gcollazo 33 projects that make developing django apps awesome. //github.com/divio/django-cms a django application for managing hierarchical).

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django cms menu template example

Templates & Placeholders This content is edited using django CMS’s frontend editing In order to render the CMS’s menu in your template you can use the Chapter 8 authoring in django CMS 101 Page Settings The Page Settings menu item provides access to the same settings as Figure 8-3. Templates