php Syntax for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with DaniWeb

Hi, I am migrating from MySQL to SQL Express. In MySQL, I import data from Oracle using the "INSERT INTO. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE". With the "ON DUPLICATE KEY. Need help using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with PHP. PHP. This produces an SQL syntax error. ($sql, ',') . ' ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE status_date = VALUES).

An error will occur when inserting a new record in MySQL if the primary key specified in the insert query to prevent duplicate key example above, if records Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to VALUES(), ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE x = VALUES(x) syntax (multi-insert with update) #2134. gives you the following SQL:

Using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Oracle Community

How do UPSERT and MERGE work in Oracle SQL Server. 29/05/2014в в· support for mysql `insert on duplicate key update`. proposed and code example showing 1-2 of 2 messages, >description: i have been writing an update program in perl, and sought to make use of the insert...update construct described in the insert syntax section of the).

sql on duplicate key update example

Using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Oracle Community. ... you can be used to both update and insert sql = sprintf("%s on duplicate key update the same syntax as official mysql update on duplicate, 21/03/2013в в· i want to add a row to a database with insert but when inserting if a row exists with the same unique key i want to update duplicate key update sql syntax. it).

A Generic CodeIgniter Function for both Update and Insert

sql on duplicate key update example