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Year Place City Country
1948 Concordia Lodge Paramaribo Suriname
1951 Candidate for membership, The Hague Art Society The Hague The Netherlands
1953 Loujetzky Gallery The Hague The Netherlands
1954 C.C.S. Cultural Centre Sur. Paramaribo Suriname
1955 Hendrikschool Gravenstraat Paramaribo Suriname
1956 Varekamp Domineestraat Paramaribo Suriname
1956 Curaçao Museum Willemstad Netherlands Antilles
1957 Loujetzky Gallery The Hague The Netherlands
1957 Governor’s office Paramaribo Suriname
1957 Le Canard Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
1961 ‘t Venster Gallery Rotterdam The Netherlands
1961 v.Meurs Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
1962 Tropenmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands
1962 Governor’s office Paramaribo Suriname
1963 Krikhaar Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
1963 The ‘Prinsenhof’ Delft The Netherlands
1963 Brinken Gallery Stockholm Sweden
1963 Central Museum Malielaan The Hague The Netherlands
1964 Uit de Kunst Gallery  Amsterdam The Netherlands
1965 Governor’s office Paramaribo Suriname
1965 Palacio Bellas Artes Mexico City Mexico
1966 Rotterdam Art Society Group exhibition Rotterdam The Netherlands
1966 Sonsbeek statue park Sonsbeek The Netherlands
1966 De Sfinx gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
1966 Slegers Gallery Eindhoven The Netherlands
1967 Palacio Bellas Artes Mexico City Mexico
1967 Museum of Modern Art Miami USA
1967 de Boog Gallery Curaçao Netherlands Antilles
1969 Het Park Club Paramaribo Suriname
1969 Art Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1969 Studio at C. Jongbawstraat Paramaribo Suriname
1969 Galeria Antillas   Puerto Rico
1969 Het Park Club Paramaribo Suriname
1969 Studio Utrechtsedwarsstr. Amsterdam The Netherlands
1970 Art Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1970 Municipal Museum Amsterdam The Netherlands
1970 Het Park Club Paramaribo Suriname
1971 John Peartree Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1972 John Peartree Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1973 Studio at C. Jongbawstraat Paramaribo Suriname
1974 Heiliggejst Gallery Kopenhagen Denmark
1975 John Peartree Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1975 Cas di Cultura Aruba Netherlands Antilles
1976 RG Gallery Willemstad Curaçao N.A.
1976 Independence Hotel Nw.Nickerie Suriname
1977 Het Park Club Paramaribo Suriname
1978 Het Park Club Paramaribo Suriname
1979 Sticusa Keizersgracht Amsterdam The Netherlands
1979 St. Elisabeth Hospital Amersfoort The Netherlands
1979 Studio at C. Jongbawstraat Paramaribo Suriname
1980 Centro Bolivar y Bello Willemstad Curaçao N.A.
1980 De Cleene Catte Gallery Middelburg The Netherlands
1982 Cas di Cultura Aruba Netherlands Antilles
1983 Curaçao Museum Curaçao Netherlands Antilles
1985 Ons Erf Paramaribo Suriname
1987 NBM building Paramaribo Suriname
1987 Venezuelan Cultural Centre Paramaribo Suriname
1987 Andres Bello    
1987 Oase Club Paramaribo Suriname
1988 Group exhibition Venezuelan Cultural Centre Andres Bello Paramaribo Suriname
1988 Ons Erf (40th anniversary) Paramaribo Suriname
1988 C.I.C.  -  Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1991 Contemporary Art Centre Kingston Jamaica
1991 Eylders (Public House) Amsterdam The Netherlands
1993 Suriname Museum (45th anniversary) Paramaribo Suriname
1993 Mutual Life Gallery Kingston Jamaica
1994 De Meerse Gallery Hoofddorp The Netherlands
1994 Restaurant De Hofstede Paramaribo Suriname
1995 Torarica Hotel Paramaribo Suriname
1995 Group exhibition   French Guiana
1996 Fort Zeelandia Group exhibition Paramaribo Suriname
1996 Municipal Museum Amsterdam The Netherlands
1997 Mutual Life Gallery (30th Anniversary)Mini- exhibition Kingston Jamaica
1997 Zeelandia Appartments Paramaribo Suriname
1998 Fort Zeelandia 50th Anniversary Paramaribo Suriname
1998 Municipal  Museum Amsterdam The Netherlands
2003 Mutual Life Gallery Kingston Jamaica
2004 Landhuis Bloemhof Curaçao Netherlands Antilles
2004 Axcess Gallery Aruba Netherlands Antilles
2004 Jubilee Exhibition Ford Zeelandia 75th Anniversary Paramaribo Suriname
2005 Pulchri Studio The Hague The Netherlands
2005 Galerie des Beaux Arts Heeze The Netherlands
2005 Nola Hatterman Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
2006 O.L. Vrouwe Galerie Maastricht The Netherlands
2008 Knokke Kunstbeurs Knokke Belgie
2009 Ons Suriname Amsterdam The Netherlands
2009 Kunsthal Overzichtstentoonstelling 60 Jaar Erwin de Vries “Ode aan de Vrouw” Rotterdam The Netherlands
2010 De Hal Paramaribo Suriname
2014 "Erwin de Vries 85 jaar" De Hal Paramaribo Suriname


Year Place City Country
1956 Linocut ‘man/bird’ Museum of Modern art New York USA
1957 Wall relief Bankunie Paramaribo Suriname
1957 Painting Princess Beatrix Bruynzeel Suriname
1962 Sculpture Alonso de Ojeda Paramaribo Suriname
1964 Bronze sculpture KLM schiphol Amsterdam The Netherlands
1965 Unveiling Sculpture Alonso Ojeda Nieuw Amsterdam Suriname
1966 Bronze sculpture ‘swimming woman’ Municipal Museum Amsterdam The Netherlands
1968 Bronze sculpture Municipal Museum Amsterdam    The Netherlands
1971 Bronze sculpture Kingston Jamaica
1972 Bronze sculpture Kingston Jamaica
1973 Sculpture Erotica Amsterdam The Netherlands
1974 Portraits Erik de Vries Founder Dutch Television   The Netherlands
1977 Portraits Carel & Mathilde Willink Amsterdam The Netherlands
1978 Aluminum sculpture Erectus Amsterdam The Netherlands
1978 Bronze portrait S.Carmiggelt    
1978 Literary Museum The Hague The Netherlands
1979 Portraits Lou Lichtveld author
Nola Hatterman Artist
1979 Joop den Uyl  Politician   The Netherlands
1980 Portraits S. Vinkenoog
H.Mulisch Authors
  The Netherlands
1982 Portraits M.Dresselhuys, actress, Toon Hermans,Cabaretartist   The Netherlands
1982 Bronze portrait Max v. Praag Humanist Society   The Netherlands
1983 Bronze portrait Wim Kan(cabaret-artist) Municipal Theatre The Hague The Netherlands
1983 Bronze portrait Toon Hermans (cabaret-  artist) Sittard Playhouse The Netherlands
1983 Bronze portrait three Antilleans, Coco de Palm, Cris Engels, Pierre Laufer   Netherlands Antilles
1986 Mural in relief ‘ENNA’ Paramaribo Suriname
1986 Bronze portrait Anton de Kom Universtity Paramaribo Suriname
1988 Portrait of his late father H.J de Vries Paramaribo Suriname
1988 Amsterdam National Museum    
1988 Bronze portrait of J. den Uyl    
1988 Bronze Portrait Corneille (painter- artist)   Paris
1989 Bronze portrait Anthony Nesty (Olympic gold medallist butterfly stroke’88 ) for Surinamese Government Paramaribo Suriname
1989 Simon Carmiggelt School Bronze portrait Delft The Netherlands
1989 Bronze archersculpture statue park Olympic Museum Lausanne Switserland
1989 Portrait Surinamese author Shrinivasi Paramaribo Suriname
1990 Sculpture ‘de Surinaamsche Bank’(125th anniversary) Paramaribo Suriname
1990 Bronze portrait W. Kan (cabaret-artist) Royal Theatre The Hague The Netherlands
1990 Portrait H. Arron (politician) Paramaribo Suriname
1991 Bronze portrait Felix Chakuto  Curaçao    Netherlands Antilles
1991 Statue Cyriel Daal (trade union leader) Paramaribo Suriname
1992 Bronze portrait J. Den Uyl  Stopera Building Amsterdam The Netherlands
1993 Portraits Michael Slory (Surinamese Poet) Paramaribo Suriname
1994 Portraits T.Lutz (Dutch actor)    
1994 Bust Anthony Nesty club Dolfijn Paramaribo Suriname
1994 Portrait Hans van Mierlo Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands(on his own initiative) Paramaribo Suriname
1994 Portrait of Rudi Fuchs Director of the Amsterdam Municipal Museum Amsterdam The Netherlands
1996 Municipal Museum oil painting ‘Mexican Woman’ Amsterdam The Netherlands
1996 Dutch Embassy sculpture"Floating Woman" Paramaribo Suriname
1996 Bronze sculpture Mother and Child  for the office of the President of Suriname Paramaribo Suriname
1996 Bronze Portrait J. Luns   The Netherlands
1996 Minister of Foreign affairs    
1996 Het Parooldaily Amsterdam The Netherlands
1996 Bronze portrait S. Carmiggelt(writer)   The Netherlands
1997 Portrait Hugo Pos (writer) Paramaribo Suriname
1997 Portrait Frank M. Arion( author) Paramaribo Suriname
1997 Decorated by the Surinamese government (Knight in the order of the Yellow Star) Paramaribo Suriname
2001 Monument Mr. Jaggernath Lachmon Paramaribo Suriname
2002 Monument of the Abolition of the Dutch Slavery Past Unveiled by H.M. the Queen of Holland Beatrix Amsterdam The Netherlands
2004 Bronze Portrait: Mr. Ramdat Misier Paramaribo Suriname
2004 Statue of Mr.  Fred Derby Paramaribo Suriname
2004 Trade Union Paramaribo Suriname
2005 culpture Headoffice Staatsolie Paramaribo Suriname
2006 Statue of Mr. Henck Arron Prime Minister Paramaribo Suriname