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About Erwin

erwinAfter having lived and worked in Amsterdam - Holland for over 30 years, he returns with his family to Suriname in 1984 where he was born and raised. From there he keeps his contacts within the art world and travels to Europe back and forth two times a year for exhibitions and commissions.

At an early age he already knew he wanted to become an artist.

From his very first exhibition in 1948 in Paramaribo, Suriname, he expressed himself in a dynamic and vital way , not only in his many artworks, but also in the way in which he exhibits, considering the many exhibitions in different countries among which Holland and the Caribbean.

An all-round expressive artist. Due to his education in Holland and his particular talent he has developed an interesting style, both in his realistic as in his free works, which completely differ from his European colleagues.

His South American background, Suriname, has always continued to inspire him, which is clear from his exuberant use of colour, form and structures, elements which are more intense in a tropical country like Suriname because of the brightness and the heat of the sun, as well as the different ethnic groups living there: Amerindians, Bushnegroes, Creoles, Indians, Javanese, Chinese, Lebanese , Jews and Europeans, who have mixed through the ages and produced fascinating ‘mixtures’.

Text: Lilian de Vries Abegg